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I'd like to tell you a few ways that Preston Smith has enhanced my life.

First, MAN Weekend.  MAN Weekend was Preston's brainchild - and has become quite legendary in our circles.  Many men's lives have been changed by MAN Weekend - a place for MEN to get together and hash things out.  It may not be an exaggeration to say that MAN Weekend is responsible for the success of dozens of MEN.  Preston's observation was that MEN needed to get together and be there for each other.  He was able to bring together a diverse group of MEN who have formed strong bonds through the 10+ years it's been held.
Preston introduced me to the idea of "accountability partners" about 20 years ago.  He is always pushing the envelope to get men to improve themselves inside and out.  He is on a constant lookout for life strategies - real things you can implement to change your behavior.  No gimmicks, nothing fake or superficial.  Real stuff.
Preston introduced me to the Jocko Podcast about a year ago.  He always seems to find the right answer at the right time.  He also introduced me to The 4-Hour Body, and numerous other ground-breaking fitness regimens.  He's always looking for new tools and ideas that are effective at increasing fitness - again, inside and out.
I am a 7-time Ironman finisher, a Boston Marathon qualifier / finisher, and a busy husband and father of 3.
I have completed 20+ marathons and numerous other triathlons.  I am 40 years old, and to celebrate my 40th, I rode my bicycle from Arkansas to Virginia (1,109 miles in 9 days).  
I once beat Lance Armstrong in a 10k run.  (ok, he was pushing his kids in a stroller)
I once blocked the shot of Mike Conley, at the time the world-record holder in the triple jump.  (he tried to go baseline on me)
For many of these, I have been helped by Preston, but what likely stands out the most is qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  As a 31-year-old, I had to run a sub-3 hour, 10 minute marathon.  By 2007, I had run a handful of marathons, but had hit a wall at about 3:15-3:20.  I thought it might be a physiological limitation, so innocently, I asked Preston if he had any advice, as a former cross-country coach.  Without hesitation, Preston asked me, "When was the last time you threw up after a workout?"  Puzzled, I replied, "I don't think I've ever thrown up after a workout."  "Well, you're not working hard enough."  I let this sink in for a minute.  It was true.  I had to realize that if I really wanted something, I had to WORK for it.  Preston didn't offer any further advice until I'd embraced this fact.  Then, he suggested I get back on the track.  Well, first of all, I have always hated running on the track.  Second, seriously??  A middle-aged family man doing track workouts??  Quarter mile repeats, half mile repeats.  Even mile repeats.  Well, I got faster - and qualified for Boston in a 3:09:52, all while holding down a demanding job and trying to be a good husband and father.  Preston helped me maximize the effectiveness of my limited time, and gave me just the push I needed to achieve my goal.  
I have no doubt that the fitness I gained by training under Preston's guidance has helped me achieve these goals.  He has an ability to cut right to the chase - no wasted workouts, no wasted energy chasing some off-the-wall target.  He is a clear communicator and a great motivator.  I would unequivocally recommend him as a trainer - both for physical fitness and for life.  He truly cares about people, and is willing to go the extra mile to encourage.
There is more that could be said, so I'm available at any time 501-766-1625 if there are questions.

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